Finding Treatment for Bilateral Gynecomastia

Bilateral Gynecomastia

If you have found that your breast tissue and nipples seem enlarged, overly sensitive or tender, you may feel embarrassed by what is happening to you and do your best to hide the situation. This means wearing bulky clothes and sweatshirts, avoiding tight clothing, not going swimming without a shirt or even trying to avoid intimacy with a partner. All of these things can have an adverse effect on your life in one way or another. There is hope to help you and you should go about finding treatment for bilateral gynecomastia so you can get the relief you need.

Bilateral gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast tissue in men. The bilateral refers to the fact that most often this condition occurs to men in both breasts, though in some rare cases it does happen in only one. The condition can be caused by a wide number of issues which depend on your particular age. In young men going through puberty, it can be a completely normal occurrence that may just go away on its own. In older men it may go along with a reduction of testosterone levels in your body and coincide with weight gain. Still other men have gynecomastia as a result of some other medical condition, such as a thyroid problem, or as a result of a side effect of certain other medications that they may be taking at the time. The actual cause should be determined by your doctor so you can find out what it is and what the best approach to treatment will be for you.

Treatment can range a great deal depending on the severity of the condition and the approach you are most comfortable with taking. For some men, choosing simply to exercise and diet can help them reduce the breast tissue size, though this can take longer using just this method. Others may try prescription medication, but prescriptions used have not proven to provide any type of long-term results or cure. Surgery is an option in the most severe cases, but there are also risks that exist with surgery that many men do not wish to undertake, including the high cost that surgery has. A final option can be to examine some of the natural treatment options available today in the form of supplements and creams.

With many choices available when it comes to the treatment of bilateral gynecomastia, it can all seem quite confusing to you as to what the best, safest and most effective options may be for you. That is why you may want turn to a website like to help you. This website provides articles and information about gynecomastia, the causes and symptoms, and the many treatment options available, including reviews of some of the top natural treatment supplements sold today, so you can see everything for yourself and make the most informed decision possible so you can get help that really works for you.