Gynecomastia Treatment Medications

Gynecomastia Medication

Gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue in men, does occur quite often in men of all ages yet it is something that is rarely discussed or even studied by the medical community. While many cases of gynecomastia may be able to resolve themselves, particularly in young men going through puberty or men that experience it as a result of weight gain and then lose the weight, there are just as many men that deal with the condition for years on end, often not doing anything about it because they are not aware of treatment options other than surgery. There are different types of gynecomastia treatment medications that you can explore that may be able to help you.

For some men, the gynecomastia medication that they are given by their doctors comes in the form of testosterone hormone replacement therapy. This is often the option for many older men that may have seen a steady decrease in their testosterone levels as they have gotten older, resulting in the gynecomastia developing in them. With proper hormone replacement therapy under the care of a doctor, many men are able to treat the condition in this way. However, this particularly type of treatment has not been shown to be effective in men that have normal testosterone levels so it is not a good treatment option for a large portion of the people that may have gynecomastia.

There other prescription medications that have been tried in the treatment of gynecomastia that have shown to be helpful for some men. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, or SERMs as they are often referred to, are often used in the treatment of breast cancer. Medications such as tamoxifen or raloxifene have also been given to some men to help reduce the size of their breast tissue. While the medications have shown to be effective, they cannot completely eliminate the problem and there will still be an issue of gynecomastia that you have to live with. These medications are really only prescribed to men that have severe cases of gynecomastia where the breast tissues is quite enlarged and the breasts have become painful. Other than these medications, there are no other prescription medications available at this time. There are natural treatments that are available that provide relief from gynecomastia through the use of creams and pills composed of vitamins, herbs, extracts and natural elements that have been effectively used as treatment.

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