Potential Causes of Man Boobs

Man Boob

Few things can be more damaging to the male ego then to notice that you seem to have an excess of breast tissue, making it seem like you have a more feminine look to your chest. As upsetting as it can be for you when you first notice this and as much as you may think you are alone, the reality is that millions of men of all ages suffer the same condition as you. It is known as gynecomastia, though some people may refer to it in more derogatory terms such as “man boobs” or “male tits.” There are a number of potential causes of man boobs that you should be aware of so that you can try to pinpoint the source of the problem for you and find the best treatment available.

For some young men the cause of gynecomastia is simply a result of going through puberty and having your hormones in an uproar. For older men, particularly those that are considered middle age and older, a decrease in testosterone levels that normally occurs as you age can result in this condition. Other men may simply develop the “man boob syndrome” because they have put on an excessive amount of weight. For some men, gynecomastia is the result of an indication of some other type of medical condition such as a thyroid condition or cirrhosis of the liver. In order to really find the root cause, you need to see a physician that can give you a proper examination and diagnosis.

Once you have an understanding of the causes you will be ready to get rid of the “male tits” that you have developed and you find several options available to you. There are prescription medications that have been used for treatment but none have provided any type of cure or long-term success as of yet and they do have potential side effects. For some men with severe gynecomastia, surgery is also an option to remove the breast tissue through breast reduction. This does offer a cure but also comes with its own set of risks and drawbacks. Perhaps the safest option available in terms of treatment today is to use one of the natural treatments available in the form of pills or cream that can help to naturally increase your testosterone levels and provide you with the breast reduction you need.

Once you understand the causes of man boobs you will be ready to say “man boobs be gone!” and take an approach to get the best treatment you can find that is most effective for you. You can learn more about the treatment options available to you and read detailed reviews of some of best natural treatments sold today when you look at ManBoobReductionPills.com. This website offers you insight and details regarding the effectiveness and ingredients of the top products so you can see which one offers the best chance of success for you personally.